While it may seem that fashion and style have taken a backseat this year due to global lockdowns, the opposite is true. Suppressed due to stay-at-home orders and distressed because of current events, people have found comfort in and have felt a sense of normalcy by dressing up and looking good for non-stop virtual meetings, online classes, e-gatherings, and of course, their social media profiles.

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So what are the growing fashion trends in the new normal and how does a stylish smartphone like the vivo Y20i complement and even elevate these?

Comfortable and Light

With majority of the population completely accustomed to the comfort of their homes this year, most have turned to light and easy- to-wear clothes as their go-to outfits. Loungewear, sporty tops, carefree dresses, all-things-knit and all-things-satin have dominated wardrobes this year and will most likely do the same in the next normal as millennials have embraced the fact that you need not sacrifice comfort to look uber stylish. 

That being said, you’ll need a phone that’s as light and as comfortable as your OOTDs. The vivo Y20i boasts of an ultra-thin design with a thickness of 8.44m and a light 2.5D body ergonomically designed to fit snuggly in your hand. Though light and extremely thin, the smartphone packs maximum power with a 5000mAh battery which is perfect as you turn the world into your runway all-day.

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Stylish and Colorful 

Spending more time near their closets, millennials haven’t shied away from mixing and matching clothes—coming up with unique and stylish outfits they weren’t confident enough to explore before this year. Most have also turned to more colorful options as opposed to neutral and monochromatic tones to counteract what could be a monotonous lifestyle that can easily exist in a quarantined world.

As you look to add color to your life through your chic outfits, you’ll need a phone that’s as vibrant as you are. The vivo Y20i has two stunning color options – Dawn White, a bright and lively hue inspired by soft morning horizons and Nebula Blue, a blue and purple gradient design – that invite users to explore their imagination and unleash their creativity.

Your style, elevated

Of course, no outfit is complete without a perfect snapshot. This is another area where the vivo Y20i perfectly comes into play. Besides complementing your outfit, the vivo Y20i elevates your style with its best-in-class camera and technology.

The vivo Y20i sports an AI Dual Camera which delivers accurate and sophisticated results. Its 13MP Main Camera features a large aperture and premier Auto-focus technology which ensures that every detail will shine.

The 2MP Bokeh camera on the other hand, powered by vivo’s innovative Bokeh technology, adds great depth, transforming regular portraits into lively shots with quality befitting magazine covers.

These cameras are supported by a wide range of features like Face Beauty, Portrait Light effects, and selfie filters that will truly allow your style to transcend the realms of social media.

Get more power and elevated style today with the vivo Y20i, available through the official vivo Shoppee store or through vivo concept stores, exhibits, kiosks, and multi-brand stores nationwide.

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