And yes, it’s now available in the Philippines

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Any beauty lover dreams of having a vanity table that would look like the workspace of a makeup artist at Jennyhouse, a salon in Korea with five floors devoted to hair, makeup, and nails. Based on the photos, you’ll find their counters neatly lined with blush compacts and drawers filled with lipsticks. Dreamy, right? 

The artists there adorn the faces of young actresses like Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung. And since they’re also behind the hairstyles of over 1,000 celebrities, it was apt that they launched their very own haircare line with Crash Landing on You star Son Ye-jin.

One of the most popular products in the line is the Jennyhouse Re:BAK style repair shampoo, which helps keep hair shiny and moisturized, despite all the aggressors that it has been exposed to, including hair color.

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Re:BAK line

With eight natural ingredients such as aloe vera leaf water, avocado oil, extracts from Jeju tangerine peel and green tea, it promises to deliver a healthy scalp and aid in managing hair loss.

So when Terry Tantoco Dy became a fan of the drama’s leading lady, she chanced upon Jennyhouse and ordered them right away for her to try. Of course, the products won her over and everything just started rolling from there. Dy asked her good friend Rachelle Tan to join her in this dream of hers to bring in Jennyhouse in the country. Together, they put up @Areum.Mnl as the official Philippine distributor for Jennyhouse Cosmetics.

Director and global marketing of Jennyhouse Cosmetics Song Byoung Yoon said the biggest reason they proceeded with Terry and Rachelle as their Philippine vendor is because “they like the products, and they are very persistent and active (in pursuing this venture).”

Aside from the beauty and haircare line, Jennyhouse Cosmetics also has a wide range of skincare products.

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Truffle set

“My favorite is the truffle skincare collection,” Dy shared. “It has anti-aging properties and it soothes and moisturizes the skin with a smooth finish. I have very dry and sensitive skin so the highly concentrated truffle water essence really improved my skin condition.” An all-green grade natural derma cosmetic brand, each product is formulated with the finest natural ingredients.

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