The couple had a gorgeous garden wedding!

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Photo courtesy of New York Times

Some lovely news: Fashion designer Rafe Totengco posted on his social media accounts that he has married his longtime partner Michael Lawn. The founder of accessory brand Rafe New York shared the news on his Instagram account, posting a photo of them together.

“Growing up Catholic, I never dreamed of getting married. I just put it out of my mind because it wasn’t available to me,” Rafe says. “But as I recite my vows to my husband, in front of my family, it dawned me how incredibly fortunate we were that it was actually happening and I wasn’t dreaming. Love wins!”

Followers like fashion journalist Ruby Veridiano and TV host Stephanie Gonzalez sent him and his husband well wishes in the comments.

The couple married in a small ceremony on Sept. 19 in their garden in East Marion, New York. Totengco’s mother, brother-in-law, and two nephews attended, while the rest of their family watched via Zoom from around the world.

The wedding was kept low-key due to coronavirus restrictions, but that doesn’t appear to have dampened their big day. Huge congrats to the happy couple!

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