ILOILO CITY—Mayor Jerry Treñas of this city denied that government funds were used in a survey that measured how Ilonggos perceive the impact of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

IMG 20200822 120552 176 1024x774 - Iloilo City mayor denies using gov’t funds for COVID-19 survey
Mayor Jerry Treñas of Iloilo City (Tara Yap/Manila Bulletin)

“Please be informed that I personally paid for the survey conducted by Random Access Consultants Inc. (RACI) just to check how we can continue to lower the cases in the city,” said Treñas.

“No funds of the city [government] were used for this survey in my effort to find ways and means to flatten the curve. The results of RACI [survey] clearly gave us a guide on how to navigate through these most difficult times,” Treñas emphasized.

The city mayor released a statement following allegations that the COVID-19 survey was used as a front for a political survey for the upcoming local elections.

However, the November 10 statement of Treñas was inconsistent with his official statement last week when he said the COVID-19 team of the Iloilo City government commissioned RACI to conduct the survey.

In that survey, 200 sample respondents said that they think they will not be infected with COVID-19.

“If it takes scientific data to help us find that unique strategy to help flatten the curve, I will always pursue it since COVID-19 can only be flattened using science,” Treñas said.

“If some people find it offensive that I commissioned RACI using my own funds to help us find ways and means to flatten the curve, so be it,” Treñas added.

Meanwhile, Treñas said the public can verify if government fund was used for the RACI survey.

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