Detained opposition Sen. Leila de Lima reiterated her opposition to the death penalty as the world observes the World Day Against the Death Penalty Saturday.

delima 1 - De Lima reiterates opposition to capital punishment

‘’Time and again, I have always stood firm in my opposition to the death penalty. And I will never tire in advocating against the capital punishment as it is anti-poor, anti-Christian, and has not been proven to prevent crimes,’’ De Lima said.

‘’Of course, leaders like (President) Duterte and his henchmen will always go for such a draconian solution. In his fifth State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) last July, Duterte renewed his call to re-impose the death penalty even if our country is in the middle of a raging pandemic, which has already killed thousands. Aptly put, this regime’s main policy is to ‘Kill, Kill, Kill,’’’ she added.

‘’We do not need the death penalty, especially with a justice system that is full of loopholes. It will be an additional license to kill for a murderous regime that has been weaponizing the law against the poor and government critics. We can never atone for wrongful deaths,’’ she said.

‘’Instead of death penalty, what we need are measures that will ensure the swift delivery of justice, certainty of arrest, and assurance of punishment.

This is why I continue to push for measures to fulfill these goals, such as qualified reclusion perpetua for heinous crimes, and to streamline and strengthen the process of criminal investigation,’’ she added.

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