The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) suspended on Wednesday, October 14 the Pasig River Ferry Service (PRFS) due to the volume of water hyacinths that clog the waterway. 

09072020 Waterhyacinth ROMERO 1 1024x683 - Water hyacinths ground operation of Pasig River Ferry Service

This is the second time in October that the river ferry service was suspended.

The PRFS stopped operations on October 6 after water hyacinths blocked the waterway. It resumed operations on October 9. 

MMDA attributed the high volume of water hyacinths to the rainy season collecting as much as five truckloads of the invasive plants from Pasig River.

“Before the rainy season, we only get at least one truckload of water hyacinths. Now, the figure is more than the double due to the rainy season,” Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago, MMDA spokesperson, said.

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