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PHOTO FROM Public Information Office – City of Baguio

BAGUIO CITY: The “Baguio City In My Pocket” (BCIMP) multipurpose smart phone app and web portal has made contactless government transactions possible in the city’s Barangay Irisan. In a media forum at City Hall on October 7, Information Technology Business Solutions Operations Manager Melquiades Barin revealed that a third of Irisan’s 35,000 residents have already signed up for BCIMP. Barin said registration is free and voluntary. Only basic personal information is required from registrants. He assured the residents of careful management of their personal information with firewalls in place to prevent hacking. Barin also guaranteed that BCIMP complies with local privacy laws. Apart from its touted no-touch transactions, the app has expanded contact-tracing features that could warn about persons possibly afflicted with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). It also has quick access to emergency services and real-time conversation threads that promote participatory governance, Barin said. The project is part of Baguio’s “SMART City” system, which utilizes technology to deliver gold-standard services to its constituents. As Baguio’s most populous village, according to Barin, Irisan was chosen to pilot the app. If successful, it will be offered city-wide.

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