PANIQUI, TARLAC: The funeral of brutally slain mother and son, Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio, was attended by relatives and hundreds of supporters, whose tears and grief poured with Sunday’s rain.

SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE - Relatives of slain Gregorios cry for justice
SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE A woman approaches the coffin of Frank Anthony Gregorio as fellow mourners look on during his and his mother Sonia’s wake at their home in Cabayaoasan village, Paniqui town, Tarlac province on Dec. 26, 2020. The Gregorios will be buried today, December 27, at the Paniqui Garden of Angels Memorial Park at 9 a.m., a week after offduty policeman Jonel Nuezca shot the defenseless pair dead in front of his daughter and neighbors, a crime captured on video that went viral on social media and sparked outrage. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Sonya, 52, and Anthony, 25, were shot at point-blank range by an off-duty policeman on December 20 near their home over an alleged right-of-way dispute.

Relatives were led by Sonya’s husband, Florentino Gregorio, and Sonya’s remaining children, the youngest of whom, Mica, had been the most emotional when the caskets were opened for the last look and farewell.

“Mama, hindi na kita makikita…Hindi ko kaya ito (Mama, I will never see you again…This is unbearable),” said the grieving 14-year-old at her mother’s remains.

The 250 riders from the different chapters of the Police Hotline Movement from the towns of La Paz, Camiling, Concepcion and neighboring provinces of Nueva Ecija, La Union and Metro Manila led the funeral march towards the Paniqui Garden of Angels Memorial Park in Barangay Salomague.

The Gregorios and other family friends wore similar black shirts, emblazoned with “Justice for Sonya and Frank Anthony.”

The mother and son were shot dead by Police SMS Jonel Nuezca a week ago after their confrontation, regarding Frank’s firing of an improvised firecracker, called “boga,” and an old right-of-way dispute.

The heated argument led to Nuezca’s shooting of Sonya and Frank in cold blood in front of the Anthony residence in Barangay Cabayaoasan, tainting the image of the local police force once again.

Nuezca is now detained at the Paniqui municipal police station, awaiting formal charges of double murder.

Video footage of the brutal murders that went viral on social media could be used as evidence against Nuezca.

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