By Chito Chavez 

Quezon City Councilor Winston “Winnie” Castelo urged private subdivisions and military camps in the city specifically along EDSA to open their gates to serve as access roads and alternative routes for both private and public utility vehicles (PUV) to resolve the traffic woes in the affected areas.

CASTELO - QC dad calls for access through gated areas to ease EDSA traffic

Rep. Winston Castelo

The call was made as Metro Manila has continued to be beset by horrendous traffic costing a huge dent in the country’s economy worth billions of pesos annually.

Specifically, Castelo urged the home owners of Corinthian Garden, White Plains and Green Meadows to allow to motorists to pass through their subdivision to serve as an alternative route only during rush hours.

He added that this also includes military camps like Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame.

“Hinihikayat po natin ang mga private subdivisions diyan sa kahabaan ng EDSA kagaya ng Corinthian Gardens, White Plains at Green Meadows na to open up their gates for public use so that they can help ease the heavy traffic along EDSA specially during rush hour. (We are calling on private subdivisions on the stretch of EDSA like Corinthian Gardens, White Plains and Green Meadows to open their gates for public use to ease heavy traffic on EDSA especially during rush hours) This includes Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo,’’ Castelo said.

However, Castelo assured the “residents of these private subdivisions that there are ways and methods to safe guard their privacy, this is by means of regulating the opening of their gates done only during peak hours so as not to jeopardize their safety’’.

Castelo also asked the government to provide security personnel deployed in these private subdivisions to protect the residents and avert any untoward circumstances that may occur in the event that their gates were already open for public use.

As for Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo, Castelo added that it’s the mandate of these military camps to serve and protect the public by means of relieving them from traffic woes and opening their gates during peak hours.

“The rich should open their properties to the suffering commuters. But I would state it clear that I don’t intend to jeopardize the security of these private subdivisions, because there are ways to safe guard their security and institute measures that will also secure their privacy,” he added.

He added this option might possibly address the perennial and chaotic traffic jam that remains unsolved and even worsen despite of different sort of experiments and schemes utilized by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in an effort to seek solutions to the problem.

Likewise, Castelo has supported the “admonishment of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his 4thState of the Nation Address (SONA), as the Chief Executive ordered the MMDA and local officials in Metro Manila to reclaim all public roads that were being used for private purposes to ensure public roads remain accessible to the public’’.

Castelo also cited the proposal of President Duterte that offered the new solution to decimate and reduce the traffic problem in Metro Manila beleaguering the riding public.

He emphasized that despite of various infrastructure and road projects done by the government to ease down the traffic problem in Metro Manila as long as voluminous private and public vehicles flocks our streets and major roads the tremendous traffic congestion will remain unabated.

“To lessen the sufferings of commuters, private subdivisions specifically along EDSA whose open spaces and road lots have turned over to the government should open their gates to vehicular traffic to ease the traffic problem,” Castelo concluded.

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