By Dhel Nazario

Pasig City has extended the deadlines for all monetary and non-monetary obligations for two months.

FB IMG 1585139181384 - Pasig extends deadline for all monetary, non-monetary obligations

(Photo from Pasig PIO)

In the city’s Facebook post on Wednesday, it announced “that all monetary and non-monetary obligations in favor of the city falling from March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020 shall be extended for two months from the time it is due”.

Monetary obligations include RPT (Real Property Tax), Business Taxes, Transfer Taxes, Amusement Taxes, Franchise Taxes, Garbage and Inspection Fees, and Rent for Mega Market Stallholders.

Non-monetary obligations include Validation of Sanitary Permit and CENRO Environmental Permit to Operate, Submission of Certified List of Professionals, Calibration Sealing of Instruments of Weights and Measure.

The city reminded all concerned that these are all without penalties. For RPT, early payment discounts are still available.

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