By Jel Santos 

The Makati City Council recently approved an ordinance granting a P10,000 cash gift per year for senior citizens aged 90 to 99 who have been Blu Card holders for at least five years, Mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay said.

AbyBinay06 MPD kjrosale 040615 - Makati nonagenarians to receive P10k yearly cash gift; younger seniors get cash, too

Makati Mayor Abigail Binay

“I am pleased to report that our newly-elected councilors have passed my proposal to give our senior citizens an incentive they truly deserve. We want inclusive progress for our Makatizens, and this is an acknowledgment of their contributions to our city,” she said.

On July 19, City Ordinance No. 2019-A-023 was passed.

The ordinance took effect on July 30, granting the additional incentive for qualified senior citizens residing in Makati from ages 90 to 99, amending City Ordinance No. 2016-A-043. The cash gift will be distributed to them in two tranches: on or before July and on or before December.

According to Binay, qualified Blu Card holders who will celebrate their 90th birthday this year will be receiving a P5,000 year-end cash gift in December.

They will continue to enjoy the said benefit until their 99th birthday, the local government said.

Instead of the P10,000 cash incentive, qualified Blu Card holders will receive the P100,000 centenarian cash gift when they reach their 100th birthday.

Under the new ordinance, Binay said qualified centenarians will continue to be given the P10,000 cash gift in two equal installments upon reaching 101 years of age, and every year thereafter for as long as they live.

The records of the Makati Social Welfare Department (MSWD) revealed that as of June 2019, there are 2,096 Blu Card members in the age bracket of 90 to 99.

Currently, 57 centenarians have received the P100,000 cash gift.

Binay explained that the ordinance was supposed to be approved last year but opposition councilors not only delayed the approval of the 2019 budget but also did not approve the increase in cash gifts for Blu Card nonagenarians with at least five years of membership.

Meantime, the distribution of cash gifts to younger age groups of senior citizens will continue to be given in two equal installments, every July and December, as follows: ages 60 to 69, P3,000 yearly; 70-79, P4,000; and 80-89, P5,000. (

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