FIVE million members of the KAPA Community Ministry International Inc. operating mainly in South and Central Mindanao ended their two-day synchronized prayer rally on Saturday as they continued to implore that President Rodrigo Duterte allow them to resume their operations.
kapa - 5M KAPA members end 2-day prayer rally 

Ruby Wahing Rebosura, a KAPA official, told The Manila Times, “As you have observed, the government has only limited assistance to those they would help, compared to KAPA where 5 million people have benefited and enjoyed their day-to-day lives as they sustained their daily basic needs every schedule of their blessings.”

Chan Sui Lam, a mall owner, said in an interview that he observed every day that people from all walks of life and coming from different places used to flock to the mall to do their groceries. They can afford to buy their daily basic needs “but when KAPA was shut down, maybe it’s the reason why the mall has fewer customers now.”


President Duterte ordered the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation to shut down KAPA, as its investment and other money-making activities were allegedly a form of syndicated estafa.

A few days later after the operation was stopped, KAPA members staged the prayer rally to urge the President to allow KAPA to operate again so that it can continue to help its members.

Most of the KAPA members said they relied mostly on the ministry for their income or what they called the scheduled payout or blessing — 30 percent of their capital investment, which they received without fail.

However, several investment scams have sprouted in Southern Mindanao and have reportedly branched out to Luzon in recent days, among them KAPA, headed by its founder Joel Apolinario, which promises a 30-percent “love gift” each month.


Other schemes, such as the Tagum City-based Rigen Marketing, Jogle and Ever Arm, even promised up to 400-percent return on investment.

“Why did President Duterte order the closure of KAPA, when it is a big help to us? And, in truth, we the members, who invested in the KAPA-Community Ministry have sustained our basic needs,” Josei Edel Marohomb said in a group interview.

KAPA’s closure forced members to stage a rally in fear that all of their capital investment may not return and will not benefit them anymore.

However, Apolinario, in a series of interviews, explained to the media that there was no such scam under KAPA and that it was not a syndicated estafa activity because nobody was a victim of their operation.






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