By Angela Casco

In a world full of “Ano ba ambag mo?” questions, a group of volunteers, composed of industrial designers, chemists, and engineers who are still studying or have graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, University of San Carlos in Cebu, among other institutions, have unveiled a design prototype of an easy-to-build and low-cost disinfection tent. 

The tent, aptly called SaniTenta portmanteau of the words sanitation and tentis a disinfection unit that has three main components: booth structure, diffuser system, and chemical disinfectant. 

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The group has so far released the first component through an instruction manual now available for free download and public use: This can be used as a guide for hospitals and other establishments wishing to amp up their disinfection efforts to prevent any more Covid-19 cases. 

The booth structure design uses materials readily available at local hardware stores: PVC pipes, plastic cover, and anti-slip matting. The group recommends the use of cut-off machine and hand drill, though if not available, a hacksaw and screwdriver will do. The structure, which is estimated to cost P7,030, can be built in as fast as one and a half days to as long as three days, if without a helper. 

The design for the diffuser, which will spray disinfectants from head to toe whenever a person walks in, as well as the exact chemical solution have not been finalized. Specifications for both components “will be released soon” though, says initiative leader and industrial designer August Patacsil

For now, the group recommends a plastic knapsack sprayer with a built-in motor for the structure’s diffuser that will be mounted inside the tent. 

As it is easy to assemble and disassemble, the tents can be placed almost anywhereat hospital entrances, train stations, bus stops, offices, grocery stores, public markets, among others. 

“Rest assured that we are working hard to complete the design as soon as possible,” the group writes in an announcement on Facebook. “Let’s beat this virus together.”

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