Four-time Tony award-winning playwright Terrence McNally died on March 25 due to Covid-19 complications. He was 81. Terrence’s husband, Tom Kirdahy, confirmed the news.

Terrence was a lung cancer survivor but had lived with a chronic pulmonary disease. He passed away at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Born on Nov. 3, 1938, he is known for introducing his audience to characters and situations most of his contemporaries in theater didn’t want to tackle—stories about gay people, mortality, and AIDS.

Terrence - Tony award-winning playwright Terrence McNally dies due to Covid-19 complications

Broadway playwright Terrence McNally (Reuters)

One his award-winning plays is Love! Valour! Compassion! (1995), which tells the story of gay men who shared a vacation house. For his first Broadway production, he dropped And Things That Go Bump in the Night. And because it featured romance between two men, which was taboo during that time, it didn’t sit well with a lot of critics. This, however, didn’t stop Terrence from telling liberating stories through his plays.

In Andre’s Mother (1990) and in its stage sequel Mother and Sons (2014), Terrence opened the eyes of his viewers about the challenges gay individuals went through on that period—from rebellion to marriage and parenting.

The curtain may have closed or Terrence now, but his contributions in theater will never be forgotten.

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