By Mae Lorraine Rafols Lorenzo
Photos by Jovel Lorenzo

Designing a home need not be complicated, especially when it comes to fixing up small spaces like a condo unit or a small apartment. Sometimes, all you need is a single element with a lot of character to add personality to the space.

One design option is to have an accent chair in your home. Aside from adding character to any corner, these chairs are actually useful because it can also be the ideal spot to relax, read a book, enjoy a cup of tea or simply spend a quiet afternoon.

Alyn Patrocinio, interior designer for Infinite Design Options (IDO), a specialty furniture store which recently opened a discount cafe in Cathay Land’s Acienda Designer Outlet in Cavite, said that there are a few points to consider when choosing an accent chair.

“The first consideration is knowing how your place looks like—do you have a certain style or design theme, is your home minimalist, classic or modern? Next, you need to consider the color of your home—is it neutral or more on the colorful side?” Patrocinio said.

The next factor to consider is to know what kind of look you want to achieve. If you have a home that is more classic, then an accent chair can add a modern touch. Patrocinio said that an accent chair can also add a fresh touch to an ordinary space and that it can keep you inspired to design other areas of the room.

So what accent chairs can you consider? Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Home has chosen a few items to start your search.

Neutral colored accent chairs

Accent Chairs 3 - Seating Pretty

Accent chairs of this color allow it to blend with the general look of a room. It also add a nice modern touch to the overall ambience.

Modern classic King Louie chair

Accent Chairs 2 - Seating Pretty

This chair is defined by its massive size and structure. The original King Louie is large with prominent back, sidearms and wingtip details. IDO’s modern classic King Louie has more subtle touches although it still retains the
stately outline the chair is known for.

The Cleopatra chair

Accent Chairs 1 - Seating Pretty

As the name suggests, the Cleopatra chair or Neo Klismos accent chair’s design originated from Egypt and is defined by its low back and splayed legs detail. The modern take on the Cleopatra chair is a lot more relaxed with subtle splaying on the legs highlighted by bold colors like velvet red.


Accent Chairs 6 - Seating Pretty

Aside from accent chairs, an accent table also do wonders to a space. IDO’s wooden console table with colorful details can instantly liven up a wall and give character to a specific part of a room.

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