Equality wins!

Local airline company Cebu Pacific creates history, hiring the country’s first-ever transgender flight attendant. On a Facebook post, Jess Labares shares her inspiring story.

According to Jess, after 57 days of tedious training to be an official cabin crew member, she has successfully conquered the challenge she has set for herself. “Fifty seven days of hardship, tears, laughters and sacrifice,” she says. “Becoming a cabin crew was never a childhood dream. It was more like a challenge, a challenge to myself to know what I’m capable of. To try something new.”

She then reminded everyone the importance of taking the leap of faith and going out of comfort zone. “Sometimes you have to go out from your comfort zone to know yourself more and to know your capabilities. Now that I’m officially a cabin crew, I can now say I made it,” she continues. “I surpassed the most difficult training I ever had. This job has always been glamorous to look at, but they don’t know the battle that we’ve fought. Its not all about looking pretty, its been all about the comfort and SAFETY of our passengers.”

Jess also expressed her gratitude to Cebu Pacific for the opportunity they gave her and for creating history with her. “As a trans woman, the first post op transgender woman flight attendant in the Philippines. A history has been made. I will forever cherish this opportunity given by Cebu Pacific. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to Cebgo and Cebu Pacific for their acceptance.”

Her achievement is a great milestone, not just for her, but also for the whole LGBT+ community. “In behalf of the LGBTQ community, thank you. This means that we are now slowly accepting and respecting individuality, uniqueness and expression,” she says. “It is another milestone in the country that shows that Cebu Pacific is diverse and multicultural company. This wouldnt be possible not because of the pillars, bosses and supervisors of the company.”

“I hope this will be an inspiration, not just to the LGBTQ community, but to everyone who dreams and has goals in life to never give up on something you really want. Perseverance, positivity, determination and loving what you are doing are some of the perfect formula to achieve your goal and will definitely lead you the way to success and happiness. Now I can finally say, this is by far the greatest crown I have ever achieved.”

jess labares body image - Meet the country’s first transgender woman flight attendant

Jess also thanked her family for their support and understanding and even dedicate her achievements to her late father. “My family and friends, you are all my inspiration and motivation that keeps me going. To my papa in heaven, I know you are so proud of what I have achieved and for what I have become. Sorry if I was not there beside you when you left. I know you would understand. Thank you and we love you.”

Congratulations, Jess!

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