A bit scary and bothersome.

Actor David Licauco has revealed that sleep paralysis has been bothering him for several years now.

In Pilipino, sleep paralysis means “bangungot, a state in which a person is aware but not able to move or speak.

“It started when I was 16 or 17 yata. I was in Taiwan to represent our school in a basketball competition. Hanggang ngayon meron pa rin akong mga bangungot moments. Hindi naman sa natatakot ako pero I’m bothered,” said David.

Confused, the Kapuso hunk consulted his parents and his lolo parapsychologist and paranormal consultant Jaime Licauco about sleep paralysis.

“Sabi ng lolo ko, parang may astral projection something daw akong nararanasan and it’s a blessing daw. He told me to just go with the flow,” David said in an exclusive phone interview Thursday night. “Pero yung parents ko naman, they want to take to the doctor kasi baka may problem daw ako sa sleep pattern ko.”

david1 1 - How actor David Licauco fights ‘bangungot’

David said that he would change his sleeping positions once in a while to fight sleep paralysis. “May mga sleeping positions ako na binabangungot ako at iyon ang mga iniiwasan ko.”

Once, the actor was told that a spirit was staying with him in his room after rituals were performed in their house many years ago.

“It was a good spirit naman daw pero may gusto raw sa akin. I have no idea kung man or woman pero hindi naman ako sinasaktan,” the Chinito businessman said.

To counter the recurring “bangungot,” the 25-year-old actor admitted that he would simply drink the night away. “Iinom na lang ako ng konting wine at makakatulog na rin ako. Hindi na aklo nakakaranas ng sleeping paralysis.

David has also admitted to seeing a ghost in their house in the past. It was a sighting of a person in white.

“Once lang naman iyon at hindi na naulit. Believe it or not pero hindi naman ako natatakot sa multo. I think they are not capable of killing me naman,” he said.

david2 - How actor David Licauco fights ‘bangungot’

David’s grandfather has written many books on spirits and paranormal. And he has a complete collection of his lolo’s extraordinary books. Unfortunately, he has not read them.

“Kumpleto ako ng books ng lolo ko pero ni isa wala pa akong nababasa. I’m more interested in self-help books or marketing materials,” he said.

David said he admires the sharp mind of his grandfather who at this point in time still appears on television. “Malakas pa siya. Parang lumabas pa nga siya sa Gandang Gabi Vice.”

Taking a break from show business due to the pandemic, David said he is focused on his businesses these days. They include a boxing gym, a franchise of a popular fast food chain, a health and wellness online store, among others.

David has expressed disappointment after two big showbiz projects abroad were halted due to the pandemic. At least for now he can take care of his businesses.

“I hope to go full blast with my food business in 2021. So far, business is doing good. Sa restaurant business may gusto talaga akong talunin na isang sikat na restaurant. That’s one of my goals next year,” added David.

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