Text and Images by Leonard Dungca

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The first time I visited Davao City last year, I saw a huge billboard with a statement “We have the World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken.” I laughed so hard for this risky and creative marketing strategy of a local restaurants. This kind of marketing stunt is a double edge sword that could benefit or destroy the brand of the restaurant based on the experience of the customer.


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This year, I decided to move in Davao for work and excitedly tried the World’s Worst Ribs of Lyndon’s restaurant along Roxas Boulevard. As I entered the restuarant, you would already see the comical and comedy personality of the restaurant. There are several famous cartoons and personalities painted around the pillars and walls of the restaurant. In my mind, I already assume that their World’s Worst Rib should be really good and they market it with sarcasm and humour. If the expectations are not met or they served a sloppy ribs, it means they are still effective and true to their branding as world’s worst ribs. The World’s Worst Ribs of the restaurant turned out very satisfying. It had a huge serving of the ribs, which was almost half of the plate. The meat was very juicy and tender that was matched with a delicious barbecue sauce. The next time I will visit again, I will definitely try their worlds’s awful chicken.


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