Twitter is the place for the latest trends and updates, hence the catch phrase: “Don’t miss what’s happening people on Twitter are the first to know.”

And since the start of the nationwide lockdown, netizens, celebrities and other famous individuals start a “challenge” or make ripples across twitter.

#YungFeelingNa is a bit different, it’s a collective tweets containing the feelings and personal experiences of those who tweeted it.

#YungFeelingNa“ you’d like to choose a side but you’d rather stay neutral because they are both important to you and you don’t want to hurt anybody…” said  @Unexpectedly_

feel 1 - #YungFeelingNa is trending on Twitter

@geghayanggg also posted #YungFeelingNa you’re done emotionally, you’re drained mentally, you feel dead spiritually but you still smile like nothing is going on inside ur head”

@janelsur also tweeted #YungFeelingNa  “COVID FREE IN PHILIPPINES.”

The tweets are mixed with different emotions and moods from different Filipinos across twitter.

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