Vice President Leni Robredo said she had no intention to compete with President Duterte in the government’s response to the onslaught of Typhoon “Ulysses.”

robredo - VP Robredo: I had no intention to compete with President, gov’t response to victims of ‘Ulysses’
Vice President Leni Robredo

In a series of tweets late Tuesday night, Robredo said she only did her job in responding to the calls of typhoon victims in need of assistance during the calamity.

“Marami sa inyo tumutulong sumagot sa mga umiiyak at humihingi ng tulong para ma rescue sa Cagayan at Isabela noong gabi ng Nov 13 hanggang sa madaling araw ng Nov 14.  (Many of you were helping, responding to those who were crying and asking for help so you can be rescued in Cagayan and Isabela in the evening of Nov. 13 until the dawn of Nov. 14) I did what I felt was my job,” she said.

A visibly irked Duterte, in a pre-recorded public address late Tuesday night, lambasted Robredo for supposedly grandstanding and questioning his absence during the Ulysses’ onslaught.

The Chief Executive called Robredo “dishonest” and “incapable of truth” in his latest tirade against her.

Robredo, in response, tweeted a video on the updates about her office’s relief efforts for the typhoon victims. Volunteers were seen repacking relief goods.

“Sa panahon ng matinding sakuna, dapat lahat na tulong, welcome. Hindi ito contest. Hindi tayo nag uunahan. Lahat tayo dapat nagtutulong tulong para sa ating mga kababayan (In a time of worse calamity, everyone who offers help should be welcome. This is not a contest. We are not racing against each other. Everyone should help each other for our countrymen),” she said.

“There is no space for our ego when lives at are stake,” Robredo stressed.

The lady official explained her office just coordinated with concerned authorities on the rescue efforts.

“Whenever we get updates from the ground, we share them with the public.  It is important to assure those who are distressed that (1) we heard you; (2) help is coming; (3) we are doing all we can to save you,” she said.

Robredo also denied she made a remark that the President was absent during the onslaught of Ulysses.

“I never said, ‘Where is the President?’ You can review all my tweets,” she tweeted in reaction to Duterte’s speech.

“When a President is a misogynist, the conversation goes down to this level,” Robredo said.

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