Seasoned actress Lotlot de Leon will soon be seen in a lesbian role—and she said so without batting an eyelash.

In an interview right after she signed a management contract with Leo Dominguez, she revealed the role is for the online series “The Beauty Queens.”

No, she didn’t think twice about accepting the offer though there were times after that she had “concerns” about it, all quickly washed away.

“Kasi siyempre ‘di naman na tayo bata. May konting limitasyon din tayo. ‘Di ko rin ina-aspire na magpa-sexy pa. But when I read the script, maganda po talaga, napakaganda,” she related.

She likes it that the narrative is “fresh.”

Lotlot de Leon 2 1 - Unexpected

Lotlot de Leon

“It’s not the usual story na naghiwalay lang ang mag-asawa, iniwan ni ganito si ganyan. It’s deeper than that. It’s really something to look forward to,” she added.

On the iWant Original series from ATD Entertainment Productions, Lotlot will play the lover of Gloria Diaz’s character.

The former said she understands where her character is coming from. She noted everything Precy (her character) does is in the name of love.

Lotlot hopes that through the series, viewers would understand better that “love has no gender.”

“You could be a lesbian, you could be gay, you could be straight but love is love.”

Lotlot pointed out the film is just about an intimate relationship between two people.

“The other one just loves the other for who she is, unconditionally,” she pointed out.

Asked if she and Miss Universe 1969 had steamy scenes, Lotlot simply said the audience should see it for themselves.

Lotlot is grateful to be working with Gloria for the first time.

“So nice to work with her. For someone like Ms. Gloria that’s so game and she’s still so passionate about what she does. Who I am to question where I am now sa career ko?” she said.

She related it’s an honor to work with such professionals, as well as with director Joel Lamangan.

Lotlot shared the latter is still the “best,” making sure everything is in order.

At length, Lotlot was also asked about same-sex marriage.

For the actress, she feels everyone has the right to do what makes them happy as long as it doesn’t harm others.

“I don’t think we should judge choices especially kung wala naman tayong sinasaktan na ibang tao. Kasi ang importante lang naman wala kang sinasagasaan, wala kang inaapakan, masaya ka sa ginagawa mo.”


Lotlot was asked to give her two cents’ worth on the online bashing her daughter, actress Janine Gutierrez, received for what some deemed as negative comment on the return to TV of a more seasoned actor.

“Janine is very intelligent. She took up International Relations and European Studies. So she’s also very open-minded, at the same time, she has her beliefs when it comes to anything in life. So medyo malaki ang pananaw niya sa buhay,” Lotlot started.

She added that as mother, she has always allowed her kids to speak up and say what they feel.

“I never stop them because parang ako, as a child, I felt like lagi akong kimi (shy/timid). Tsaka parang I grew up so obedient even if already pained me na parang yes lang ako ng yes,” she shared. “Parang ‘pag sinabi mong ‘umupo ka d’yan,’ ako ‘yung tipong uupo ako dito hanggang sa patayuin mo ako.”

She doesn’t want her children to be like that.

“I want them to be their own person, to have their own way of thinking…”

Lotlot said in general that there’s nothing wrong about young people expressing opinion.

“Mabibilib ka kasi alam mo they have something to stand for, meron silang prinsipyo sa buhay,” she said. “Basta alam mo dapat you have to be responsible for the choices that you make. Panindigan mo kung ano man ang gagawin mo at sasabihin mo.”

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