Sylvia Sanchez can hardly contain her happiness over all the good things she and her family have been receiving this year.

Sylvia - Sylvia Sanchez, celeb children count their blessings


The actress, alongside children Ria and Arjo, said in an interview they are finally reaping the fruits of their hard work in the industry.

Sylvia has just been named Best Actress at the 5th Sinag Maynila Film Festival for a mother-turned-drug addict role in the movie “Jesusa.” She is set to appear on new teleserye “Project Kapalaran,” alongside JM de Guzman, Arci Muñoz, and Joey Marquez.

Arjo is visible both on the small and big screen, even online. He stars in Regal Entertainment’s “Standed” as Spencer, a guy who lives his life to the fullest, without direction.

On “BagMan,” Arjo becomes an ordinary man who sacrifices his own moral values in order to provide for his family. The socio-political drama series, which is available for streaming on iWant, sees Arjo playing Benjo. He is a barber and dedicated family man whose shop is about to get demolished to give way to the municipality’s road-widening project. With a baby on the way, he agrees to do a task to keep his barbershop, where he eventually allows dubious transactions in exchange for extra money.

On TV, the versatile actor portrays the role of a young man with autism named Elai on “The General’s Daughter.”

On the other hand, Ria is on “Halik” as Pinky Sebastian, then on iWant’s “High” as Gabby.

Telling Sylvia that her children inherited her acting prowess, she demurred.

“That’s their talent. I didn’t do anything about it. They are the ones responsible for that,” she noted.

Untitled 7 - Sylvia Sanchez, celeb children count their blessings

ARJO and Ria Atayde (Instagram)

But, of course, she still gives them advice. On top of the list is for Ria and Arjo to always be “professional.”

“Pakikisama,” she said. “I’m proud of everything they achieve. But I always tell them that if you’re not professional, wala din. At the end of the day, they just have to do their best, show their talents, be professional and responsible actors… everything else will follow.”

Hands-on mother that she is, Sylvia revealed she manages the earnings of her children.

“I want to organize it. I want everything in control because at the end of the day, it’s for their future,” she said, to which Arjo rebutted: “Well, the thing is we don’t have a choice.”

They laughed.

‘No comment’
Talking about other things, Arjo said he aims to resume schooling by last quarter of the year.

“The problem is I really I don’t have enough time. So maybe I will try online programs. Let’s see,” he said.

Prodded to give an update concerning the status of his relationship with Maine Mendoza, Arjo said he would rather not comment.

“Next time,” he promised the press.

It was late January when the actor admitted he and Maine are “exclusively dating.”

After the big revelation, the two seems to be more open about their blossoming romance, going on public events together.

However, eagled-eyed netizens noticed Maine’s supposed absence from the premiere night of his latest movie.

Again, Arjo kept mum.

‘Friends’ for now?
Thing is, Ria has also been the subject of “brewing romance” talk of late.

The 27-year-old is being linked to JM de Guzman. It started when Arci Muñoz hinted something is going on between the two.

Asked about it, the actor said he gets easily attracted to a “positive person.”

However, he reiterated that they are only friends and they have yet to get to know more about each other.

“We’re really good friends. Our friendship is not that long, but we’re really investing on it,” he said.

Asked if he intends to pursue her, JM said: “Kung ano man ang mangyari or whatever, I would like to keep her forever.”

Quoting JM’s words to Ria, she smiled (with some sort of kilig, perhaps?).

“I get pressured with your questions!” she laughed. “All I can say is we’re friends. We don’t see each other lately because we’re both busy. He’s not the type of person who texts and calls a lot.”

Ria then reiterated she’s happy being single now.

Asked about his Kuya Arjo’s reaction to the issue, she is glad he is not type who is “nambabakod.”

“He’s supportive naman in general,” she smiled.

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