Miss World 1993 Second Princess Ruffa Gutierrez has admitted she really wanted to compete in Miss Universe than rival contest Miss World when she joined Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant.

IMG20190619125521 - Ruffa Gutierrez jokes about returning Miss World crown for Miss Universe title

MISS MAKATI CITY 2019 PAGEANT – Actress-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez poses with the candidates of Miss Makati City 2019 pageant during a press presentation at a hotel in Makati on Wednesday, June 19. (Photo by Robert Requintina)

“As a matter of fact, I wanted to win Miss Universe nun eh. Sabi ko ‘ano yung Miss World?’ Parang gusto ko nuon isoli iyong korona. I grew up in the States so since I was a kid, I would always watch Miss Universe,” said Gutierrez during a talk with the candidates of Miss Makati 2019 beauty pageant at a hotel in Makati City on Wednesday, June 19.

“But maybe, it’s God’s destiny for me that I join Miss World. I made it to London and then South Africa. So winning Miss World 2nd Princess really opened opportunities for me. I also made many friends with the candidates. Competition kami ngayon pero in the end, we’re friends,” Gutierrez said.

In 1993, Gutierrez won Bb. Pilipinas-World while the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown went to actress Melinda “Dindi” Gallardo. The Miss World Philippines franchise is now owned by popular talent manager Arnold Vegafria.

Gutierrez also advised the 23 contestants of Miss Makati 2019 to enjoy the pageant.

“Just enjoy the pageant and be natural. We can actually tell if you memorize your answers. I noticed that a lot of pageants now are very competitive. And the girls will do everything in order to win,” she said.

Gutierrez added: “Until now I still get nervous. What’s important is you breath in, breath out. Think of things that will make you happy. Forget about the competition for a moment. Just relax and be yourself. Acknowledge your confidence and your own skin.”

Only 18 years old when she competed in Bb. Pilipinas 1993, Gutierrez noticed that pageant contestants these days are really working hard to win.

“I hear that the candidates now prepare for six months to one year. Ako three months lang. Parang hinagis lang ako dun at sinabing sumali ka. Kulot-kulot pa ang buhok ko nun, hindi na ako nakapag-gym. That’s why when you look at my 1993 photos, hindi pa uso ang rebonding nun,” she said.

Gutierrez added: “Siguro these days you have to work hard or go to the gym because the competition is so much different now. It doesn’t mean if you lose, you’re not the best among the rest. It’s like being in the right place and at the right time. Sometimes it’s the judges decision or you’re just plain lucky. It’s all about luck. So don’t make it let you down because it doesn’t make you less of a woman. Enjoy the experience.”

She recalled that when she screened for Bb. Pilipinas 1993 pageant, she arrived at the venue at 11:45 p.m., just 15 minutes before the cut-off time for submission of application forms.

“And then some of the girls left when I arrived. Sabi ko ‘what’s happening? Mga 20 girls na lang kaming natira sa screening,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez, 44, will be one of the judges in the grand coronation of Miss Makati 2019 beauty pageant which will be held at the Makati Coliseum on Friday, June 21.

The 23 candidates for Miss Makati City 2019 pageant are: Micah Beatrice Santos, Charlene Marie Inonog, Stephanie Isabelle Aquino, Kristina Cassandra Bahaj, Sophia Michaela Leanne Aguado, Alliaa Nicole Diputado, Venice Kayla Barrameda, Gianelle Anne Balaton, Patricia Rose Pangan, Bianca Gabrielle Abaya, Lailah Guiuan, Kaoru Aseana Pimentel, Jan Karen Esguerra, Monica Acuno, Hannah Patricia Beatrice Kristiansen, Desiree Harriet Alyanna Gamboa, Charlyn Joyce Barrientos, Ma. Anna Clarisse Villavicencio, Marie Gabrielle Brillantes, Princess Vinia Putulin, Renee Rose Tirones, Elliah Kate Nicolas, and Jeanne Pauline Suplente.

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