It’s not always “just work” when you have to do it every day with the same people. Sometimes bonds are formed as the lead actors of “Trinkets” attest.

Trinkets Vertical Main RGB EN - Rapport among ‘Trinkets’ lead stars redound to onscreen magic

(FROM LEFT): Kiana Madeira, Brianna Hildebrand, and Quintessa Swindell

This we learned in an interview with lead stars Brianna Hildebrand, Quintessa Swindell, and Kiana Madeira.

“We all like to hang out or do things together,” Quintessa revealed. “Like, Kiana encourages me to take yoga classes and to stay healthy. It’s that good and peaceful environment (at work).”

Kiana echoed the sentiment, saying their rapport made work “such a special experience.”

“A lot of times, it didn’t feel like we were working or making a TV show,” she said. “Sometimes, we’d even forget we were being captured on camera.”

This bond includes the director and the crew, to the point that Brianna declared it’s her “most fun” project to date.

“Trinkets” is based on the young adult novel by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith. It is about three teenage girls from different corners of the high school cafeteria who find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifter’s Anonymous meeting where an unlikely friendship forms. Elodie is Brianna, the grieving misfit; Moe is Kiana, the mysterious outsider; and Tabitha is Quintessa, the imperfect picture of perfection.

In doing their roles and in forming friendship off cam, what do they think are key ingredients to harmonious relationship?

“I feel like there’s a lack of transparency that people have or fear of being, you know, found out or being seen in a different light than they want to be. But in this show…we learn how to embrace each other and empower one another and accept each other for who we are, rather than what we kind of put on,” Quintessa said.

For Brianna, it’s “trust.”

“And it’s really nice to see that (trust) in the series because I feel like a lot of time in Hollywood, female friendships are sort of competitive,” she shared. “I think it’s really sweet that our story is learning to put the faith on someone else so they can prove to you that they deserve your trust.”

Kiana, on the other hand, believes vulnerability is really an important characteristic too.

“Because you know, we’re human, I think we need to be strong all the time. I think connection is formed when we let our guard downs and acknowledge that we can be vulnerable with people that we love and let people who love us,” she explained.

What’s the hardest part in playing their roles?

“There are a few scenes in this season that I found ‘brutal’ in that my character was going through so much. She was in process of self-actualization. Shooting those scenes were so emotional and being the kind of person who is fully at the moment—I tend to keep things inside—there is that sense of that sense of transparency and letting go and dropping ego,” Quintessa said.

For Kiana, it was “letting go of any sort of plan or any sort of journey that I wanted to take this character on.”

“As an artist, I think sometimes we like to be in control of what we’re doing. But it was a journey for me and learning that losing control is also very fulfilling. I tried to embody this character to the best of my capabilities and in the most honest way that I can.”

“Trinkets” launches on Netflix on June 14.

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