Kapamilya star Janella Salvador and her boyfriend Markus Paterson shared a new photo of themselves while strolling in Parade Gardens in London town.

It is the latest photo of the couple since they admitted their relationship on Sept. 12. On Instagram, the caption read: “A rainy autumn day with you.”

But in the comments section, however, some fans can’t help but still ask about Janella’s alleged pregnancy despite proof in the latest photo that there is no sign of any baby bump.

Some fans believe that Janella went to London because she was having a baby with Markus.

But the couple remained tight lip about the pregnancy rumor.

jans11 - New Janella & Markus photos fascinate fans

Some of the comments:

“asan na yung baby?”

“late post po yan”


“toxic filipino culture kailangan malaman ang buhay ng artista”

“miss you jea, stay safe ❤️”

bath - New Janella & Markus photos fascinate fans

Earlier, Markus uploaded a photo of Janella with a caption: “Lovely day.”

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