As Muslims worldwide mark Eid’al Fitr the end of Ramadan today, Bulletin Entertainment makes a list of Filipino Muslim movies to watch in order to get to know more about and appreciate their rich culture and tradition.

‘Badjao: The Sea Gypsies’

Released in 1957, this movie was helmed by Lamberto V. Avellana with Rosa Rosal, Tony Santos, Leroy Salvador, and Joseph de Cordova in the cast.

badjao 5 - Muslims in movies

Plot: Hassan, the son of a tribe chief of the Badjaos, a sea-dwelling Filipino tribe, meets and falls for Bala-amai, the niece of the chief of the Moros, an Islamic, land-dwelling tribe.

Although Hassan is willing to give up his lifestyle for Bala-amai, the Moros plot to break up the union of the happy couple.

‘Perlas ng Silangan’

Set in 1681, the Spanish period, “Perlas Ng Silangan” was produced by Fernando Poe Jr. for his own FPJ Productions.

silangan - Muslims in movies

The epic film is based on the traditions and culture of the Filipino Muslims. Woven into the story is the rivalry between a Muslim and a half-Spanish, half-Muslim.

Plot: Moro falls for the beautiful daughter of a Sultan, DayangMahalina, (played by FPJ’s wife, Susan Roces). FPJ’s character is righteous and honorable, as opposed to the other Muslims in the story who are evil and treacherous.

‘Magnum .357’

This is another FPJ-starrer.

magnum - Muslims in movies

Plot: When his superior sends him to Manila to unmask a powerful syndicate, 1st Lt. Jamal Razul (FPJ), an undercover cop, takes a job posing as the bodyguard of an influential police major. But when the syndicate cronies uncover his motives, Jamal finds himself running for his life. Meanwhile, his Muslim faith has him doing everything in his power to avenge the deaths of two innocent teens who helped conceal his true identity.

‘Bagong Buwan’

This is a 2001 Filipino drama film co-produced and directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and written by Diaz-Abaya, Ricky Lee, and Jun Lana. It is about the Muslim rebellion in Mindanao, Philippines and its effect on civilians. The film was an official entry to the 27th Metro Manila Film Festival.

bagong buwan - Muslims in movies

Plot: In the Philippines, a Muslim doctor (Cesar Montano) and his wife (Amy Austria) try to lead refugees to safety after vigilantes destroy their village.


This is a Filipino action film starring Robin Padilla, Roi Vinzon, Rustom Padilla, Rommel Padilla and Ana Roces. Released in 1995, “Mistah” is military slang for “batchmates” in the Philippine Military Academy.

Plot: Soldiers risk their lives for the protection of people; often, they give up personal happiness to respond to the call of duty.


The Philippine drama film released in 2019 is directed by Brillante Mendoza starring Judy Ann Santos and Allen Dizon. It was selected as Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film to the 93rd Academy Awards.

Mindanao - Muslims in movies

Plot: Saima (Judy Ann Santos) cares for her cancer-striken daughter Aisa (YunaTangog) while she awaits her husband Malang (Allen Dizon) to come home who serves as a combat medic deployed in the southern Philippines. Their struggle is juxtaposed with the folklore of Rajah Indara Patra and Rajah Sulayman, the sons of Sultan Nabi, who fights to stop a dragon devastating Lanao.

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