MAY-DECEMBER MOVIES: Suddenly, we are witnessing a wave of May-December love affairs on our screens.

They’re probably filling in the gap, the dearth, in sexy adult romance films in theaters and in our audiences’ consciousness.

Break away from rom-coms, young, daring filmmakers now seem to say.

Early this year, Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca caused a sensation with their hot love scenes in web film, “Glorious.” It was to be the first in a series of similarly themed projects to come our way this time around.


WOMAN ALONE: Cinemalaya 2019 has just presented two more such older woman-younger man romances.

There’s “Malamaya” with Sunshine Cruz and Enzo Pineda, and “Belle Douleur” with Mylene Dizon and Kit Thompson.

On Aug. 21, it’s the sexy turn of mainstream film, “Just a Stranger,” starring Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao.

anne curtis and marco gumabao 1400x933 - MOVIEGOER: Trending: May-December romance films

Anne Curtis, Marco Gumabao in ‘Just A Stranger’

All these are partnerships between old and young, thrown into sudden, surprise romances with not so happy endings.

Usually, the woman is pictured here as aged 40 and above, alone, lonely, someone swept away by a young man’s audacity and sexual prowess.


BREAKING FREE: Debuting filmmaker Joji V. Alonso describes “Belle Douleur,” which opened Aug. 14, as the story of a woman’s journey of finding happiness as she breaks free from societal confines.

Alonzo, producer behind Quantum Films, says “Belle Douleur” is based on a true story of a French woman that made her cry.

Liz is a 45-year old single woman who lives with her mother.

belle - MOVIEGOER: Trending: May-December romance films

Kit Thompson, Mylene Dizon in ‘Belle Douleure’

When her mother dies, she sells the antiques in her house. Enters customer Josh, an attractive antique shop owner 20 years her junior.

Their cute exchanges of text messages bloom into a full-blown, steamy love affair.


BIGTIME LOVE SCENES: Mylene says she was initially hesitant, scared, to take on the part, knowing that it required bigtime hot, sexy scenes with her partner.

She was, however, moved by the script, written by Therese Cayaba, and the active persuasion of Atty. Alonzo.

The debuting director said she had no one else in mind to play Elizabeth, and she stopped at nothing to get Mylene to say yes.


FORGET MARRIAGE: Marriage hasn’t – and won’t – stop Anne Curtis from kissing and engaging in on-screen love scenes with her leading men, notably Marco Gumabao, in their new film, “Just a Stranger.”

The veteran actress says her husband, Erwan Heussaf, understands her profession and just lets her be.
When Anne sinks her teeth into a role, she forgets her personal circumstances and dives head-on, right into character.
In this romantic drama directed by Jason Paul Laxamana (“The Day After Valentine’s”), she plays a married woman who gets into an affair with a man half her age.

They meet in Lisbon, Portugal, where the entire film was shot.

Through it all, Anne’s character is plagued by nagging conscience. She is, after all, married to a rich businessman, Edu Manzano, who is good to her.

She feels that one day, she may have to pay for her indiscretion.


RECURRING TREND: May-December love stories have always been an intriguing, recurring theme in movies, both local and foreign.

A few examples of those that come to mind are “The Graduate,” “Lolita,” “The Piano Teacher,” “Lost in Translation,” “Sex and the City.”

Locally, starting from the 1970s, there were May-December love stories in such films as “Isang Gabi, Tatlong Babae” (Amalia Fuentes-Orestes Ojeda); “Mrs. Teresa Abad, Ako po si Bing” (Charito Solis-Christopher de Leon); “Sex Education” (Gretchen Barretto-Isko Moreno).

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