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eddie1 - MOVIEGOER: EDDYs honors centennials and millennials

(FROM LEFT): EDDYs’ Ian Fariñas, Vice President of FPJ Productions Jeffrey Sonora, Eddie, Charo Santos-Concio, Nora Aunor, Maricel Soriano, and Jinggoy Estrada

• • •
The entertainment editors themselves were surprised.

During the first Entertainment Editors Awards (The EDDYs) in 2017, members looked at each other with curiosity and surprise when the names of winners were being announced one after another.

It happened that they didn’t have an idea who the winners were as the voting was done in secret.

A downside was that some of the awardees failed to attend the ceremony. It has been common practice among most award bodies to leak the names of winners a day before to ensure the stars’ attendance.

Such is not the case at the EDDYs in its effort to maintain the group’s integrity and credibility.

• • •
What is The EDDYs?

In the middle of their busy schedules, 16 of the country’s entertainment editors, representing leading broadsheets and national tabloids, bonded together in 2015 to form SPEEd, the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors.

SPEEd is an initiative of then-Standard editor, Isah V. Red.

The editors’ vision was clear from the start. They wanted to contribute to further growth of Filipino films in the wake of very real threats from TV, cable, new media, the Internet.

These new platforms seem to have dominated the entertainment landscape.

Such expanding, highly competitive landscape in entertainment has naturally impacted heavily on gross sales of Filipino films at the box office.

One of the measures the editors have embarked on to aid the local film industry is to honor its outstanding artists in various fields of excellence. Thus was born in 2017 The EDDYs, short for Entertainment Editors’ Awards.

• • •
For members of SPEEd, film is film, no matter where it comes from.

As a matter of principle, The EDDYs doesn’t distinguish between mainstream films and so-called indie films.

Films are honored regardless of their origin, orientation, theme or circumstance.

Members of SPEEd feel that Filipino filmmakers need greater push to come up with more noteworthy films, films with both artistry and substance, films that can compete with those from other countries in the international arena.

Thus, it is our goal to encourage Filipino filmmakers, producers, screen writers, actors and other allied artists in the local movie industry to continue their passion for creating films that mirror the realities of our society.

Our members meticulously scrutinize hundreds of films. They study all aspects of filmmaking, from production design, sound design, to performances of actors, etc.

The editors do this even as they are swamped with so much work, beating deadlines, closing their pages, attending conferences.

A bonus is the fact that they have created a tight bond of friendship and camaraderie between and among each other.

• • •
The third EDDYs will be presented on Sunday, July 14, at New Frontier Theater in Cubao.

Celebrating the centennial (100 years) of Philippine movies, the EDDYs toast various film artists who worked either in front or behind the cameras as a tribute to their contribution to the growth of cinema in the country.

“Parangal Sa Sandaan” will be presented to: Armida Siguion-Reyna (posthumous), Rustica Carpio, Rosa Rosal, Tommy Abuel, Pepito Rodriguez, Perla Bautista, Lorli Villanueva, Robert Arevalo, Odette Khan, Tony Mabesa, Val Iglesias, poster artists Vic Delotavo and Val Campbell, Romy Vitug, Romy Peralta of Roper Studio, and Lucy Quinto.

Also to be honored as Sandaan awardees are three of the biggest movie producers in the history of our cinema. These are Sampaguita Pictures (represented by Marichu Vera Perez-Maceda), LVN Pictures (Nenita Eraña), and Premiere Productions (Digna Santiago).

• • •
A yearly tradition at the EDDYs is the naming of EDDYs ICONS.

Special awardees in 2019 are movie queens Amalia Fuentes and Vilma Santos, Tirso Cruz III, Christopher de Leon, Joseph Estrada, Eddie Gutierrez, Dante Rivero, Celia Rodriguez, Lorna Tolentino, and Anita Linda.

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