Almost a month after Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz tied the knot, she is still on a high called marital bliss.

In an interview, the actress shared a funny anecdote.

“Isa sa nagulat ako, pag gising namin ng umaga walang pagkain,” she said at the year-end party of Prestige International headed by Mannix Carancho. “Nakalimutan kong mag-grocery—ako nga pala (dapat ang gagagawa) ‘yun.”

Dianne explained she’s used to having everything prepared in the morning when she was single and living with her family as “my dad prepares everything.”

The actress also admitted she doesn’t know how to cook, but she’s “willing to learn.”

Asked if there are things she had just discovered recently about Rodjun, Dianne shook her head. See, the two were a couple for 12 years before taking the plunge.

DIANNE MEDINA - Married life suits Dianne Medina


“Super bait, very generous, very religious siya,” she said. “Never naman ‘yun nagbago. Kung paano kami nagkakilala, ganun pa din siya ngayon.”

It’s so far, so good for them now that they’re in this phase of their lives.

“We’re grateful to God for providing us everything,” she said. “There were times in the past we were stressed as challenges came along, but we’ve overcome them.”

According to Dianne, loyalty is important in a marriage.

“It’s a foundation of trust and respect,” she explained. “Lalo na ‘pag pumapasok kayo sa sacrament of matrimony — a union between man, woman, and God. It’s really important na naka-center kay God ang relationship niyo.”

Dianne revealed they want to have a baby as soon as possible as she is already 33-years-old. If she has to take a sabbatical from show business to better prepare her body for it, then so be it.

“We want to build a family.”

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