Model-actress Phoemela Baranda recently surprised many revealing she’s pregnant.

The 40-year-old made the announcement on social media sharing a photo of her showing her baby bump. 

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Phoemela Baranda

“Life begins,” she wrote as caption.

In a separate post, Phoemela described the pregnancy as “truly a blessing” and something “to be thankful for.”

She is mum as to the gender of the baby as of this writing.

The father of the baby is her longtime partner, professional race car driver Jason Choachuy.

The baby is Phoemela’s second.

She gave birth to a daughter, Kim Nichole, now 21, when she was 19.

“This time the only difference is that I’m more mentally prepared but same amount of excitement and love, especially that my partner and Kim are beside me for support,” Phoemela related.

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