The song was inspired from a request of a certain fan named ‘Renz’.

Renz wrote on a paper napkin his song request for Moonstar88 but instead of writing “Migraine,” the song’s original title, he mistakenly wrote “Migration.”

Moonstar88 Migration PR photo 1 1024x670 - LISTEN: Moonstar88’S Migraine spins off ‘Migration’

Fans thought this was funny, kept sharing the photo of his request until it became popular in social media that the band decided to grant his request
by making an actual song in collaboration with BBS entitled “Migration!”

Interestingly, the song includes Migraine’s lyrics “Hanggang dito lang ako nangangarap na mapasayo” in the end.

MIGRATION ARTWORK - LISTEN: Moonstar88’S Migraine spins off ‘Migration’

Expect “Migration” to put tears in your eyes and make you want to curl in bed with its melancholic lyrics and music.

Here’s the official lyric video:

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