Filipino-American singer Kriesha Chu, runner-up in the 2017 Korean reality TV singing competition “K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance,” has denied she had plastic surgery after she appeared with a swollen face at a press conference for a web drama in Seoul.

Chu attended the presscon for her web drama “Ghosts and Sansanda,” which will air starting in February, along with other stars like Oh My Girl’s Binnie, Berry Good’s Sehyung and Rainz’s Hong Eun-ki.

However, Korean netizens commented on portal sites that Chu had undergone cosmetic surgery because of her swollen face.
The singer’s representative denied the rumor, saying the singer is sick that caused her face to swell.

“Actually, Kriesha Chu should not appear at the press conference since she was not feeling well. The unstable lymph problem led to a bad health condition.Since December 2019, she has been going to the hospital to undergo massage therapy since her face is swollen,” the rep said, reported Osen.

The rep added, “Also, she is taking the medication regularly every day and gradually getting better, she still has no intention to appear at official events. However, this time, Kriesha Chu is the main actress, so her participation is inevitable. ”

Chu1 - Kriesha Chu denies getting plastic surgery

Kriesha Chu on her latest vlog on YouTube that was uploaded on Jan. 10 (Screenshot from Kriesha Chu’s YouTube video)

Her swollen face was caused by stress lymphedema, the rep explained, saying that Chu’s preparation for her activities in China stressed her.

“The songstress is in the process of preparing for activities in China as well as releasing a new album in February. But it seemed due to excessive stress that caused lymph to be blocked and then her face was swollen,” the rep explained.

Chu started undergoing massage at a “hospital in December 2019, but there’s a comment on YouTube saying, ‘Getting an injection for plastic surgery, right?’ Kriesha Chu is a Filipino-American and plastic surgery is unacceptable to a Christian. Hence, she is extremely sad about this incident,” the rep said.

Her swollen face “even appeared on the real-time searching along with bad comments making Kriesha Chu feel heartbroken. She felt hurt when becoming the subject of discussion in that way. She did not suffer plastic surgery.”

According to the Mayo Clinic website, “lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Sometimes both arms or both legs swell.” It said it is caused by the removal or damage to lymph nodes.

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