SweetHome Unit 101 CSON5974 1024x683 - Korean original series ‘Sweet Home’ to make its global debut on Dec. 18
‘Sweet Home’ photos courtesy of Netflix

Netflix Inc., the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, announced that “Sweet Home,” the new thriller Korean original series by star K-drama director Lee Eung-bok (Mr. Sunshine, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, Descendants of the Sun) will launch globally on December 18.

Adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name, “Sweet Home” is a 10-episode VFX/SFX filled thriller based on the unique world in which people turn into monsters that reflect their internal desires.

Cha Hyeon-su, a reclusive high school student who moves into a new apartment called Green Home after a personal tragedy, faces a series of life changing situations that brings him out to the world to save others.

SweetHome Unit 103 CSH029 8005 1024x683 - Korean original series ‘Sweet Home’ to make its global debut on Dec. 18
Sweet Home

The series presents a strong ensemble cast that includes Song Kang (Love Alarm), Lee Jin-uk (Voice), Lee Si-young (No Mercy), Lee Do-hyun (18 Again), Kim Nam-hee (Mr. Sunshine), Go Min-si (Love Alarm), Park Kyu-young (Romance is a Bonus Book), and Go Youn-jung (He Is Psychometric).

And with the launch date, a teaser trailer was also released to give a first look at how Green Home, the main environment of Sweet Home will welcome viewers to the series.

Director Lee Eung-bok’s new Netflix original series “Sweet Home” is produced by Studio Dragon, co-produced by Studio N, and written by Hong So-ri, Kim Hyung-min and Park So-jeong.

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