Broadcaster Karen Davila is thankful his son, David, who has autism, is well now after experiencing a full-blown seizure. 

Davila recalled she and her husband have just arrived at their condo from an overnight trip to Sorsogon when David – who welcomed them at the lobby – started having a convulsion.

She noted that though seizures can be common for kids with autism, their son never really had them.

davila and son 1 - Karen Davilla recalls shocking full-blown seizure of son
Karen Davila and son (Instagram)

“He has only had one scary episode when he was 7 yrs old,” Davila said. 

She thanked first responders who assisted them, describing them as “fast thinkers” and “equipped.”

Davila related how they knew exactly what to do to make sure her son would stay alive.

“And all I did was shout the name of our Lord Jesus Christ non-stop, asking HIM to heal & save David.”

David is now “okay” and undergoing a 24-hour video EEG, which Davila said will help monitor brain movement. 

Davila’s goal now is to prevent a similar scenario from happening again.

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