After conquering America then Asia, Filipino dance group Junior New System continues to make a name in the international arena, this time on “World’s Got Talent.”

JUNIOR NEW SYSTEM - Junior New System raises PH flag on ‘World’s Got Talent’


In a recent episode, the group auditioned for the show in China where they earned raves from the judges and wowed from the audience.

Junior New System made their way dancing to a medley of remixed songs including “Don’t Stop the Music,” “Love On Top” and “Crazy In Love.”

“This completely blew me away. I was like, wow! You guys used your heart, your life, your blood, every single part of your energy to dance on that stage. You owned that stage. This is your stage,” one of the judges said.

Following their successful audition, the group excitedly announced on Facebook that they earned the top spot in the competition – and that means they will go straight to the semifinal round.

“PHILIPPINES, WE MADE IT!! We got the top spot on yesterday’s episode of WORLDS GOT TALENT so we will go straight to the semifinal round. We outstand acts from China, USA, Hungary, Sweden and Spain. We would like to thank all the people who supported us. ON TO THE NEXT ONE! PUSO,” the post read.

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