KZ Tandingan inched closer to fulfilling her goal of making a name for herself in the global scene by showcasing her talent on BBC Radio London’s “The Scene.”

As seen in a video uploaded on MyxTV, show hosts Salma El-Wardany and Lion Heart introduced the Filipina singer by comparing her to American singer-songwriter and rapper Lauryn Hill. They also mentioned how she was able to stage sold-out concerts in Dubai and in the Philippines.

“(She has an) amazing stage presence that captivates the hearts of many,” they added.

KZ TANDINGAN - How KZ Tandingan wowed with guest performance on BBC Radio London

KZ TANDINGAN (Screengrab from MyxTV)

Talking about the comparison with Lauryn, KZ demurred.

“It’s really a pressure for me. (The thing is), I am more of a singer, I just talk really faster so they think I’m rapping,” she laughed.

The 27-year-old opened up about her journey in the music scene.

KZ started singing as a child but stopped in high school after suffering from throat problem.

“I used to be a power belter. (When I suffered a throat problem), I felt like I was cursed because singing is really my life,” she narrated. “I almost stop singing because of that. I felt so depressed that my dream is going to be taken away from me.”

Thankfully, KZ managed to find a new perspective in life, believing that every failure is just a redirection to where she should be.

She developed inimitable singing style. From there, she became the “soulful storyteller-singer” people love and admire.

“It (problem) kind of pushed me to find who really I am as an artist. It made me realize that singing is not just about one color, it’s a colorful rainbow. Music isn’t one genre. It isn’t about just hitting the notes, it’s about telling the story,” she said.

“When you see things from a different perspective it kind of pushes you to change the directions of your life, re-align your goals. Somehow, I’m thankful that it happened to me because if not, I’m not here right now.”

KZ rose to prominence by winning as grand champion on “X Factor Philippines.” She started to become known internationally when she joined “Singer 2018,” a popular singing competition aired on HBS.

Given her inspiring story, she advises everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Lion Heart asked: Where do you see your career four to five years from now?

“I’ll keep on trying to make music internationally. I want to make OPM known internationally. I’ll will record a lot of songs in L.A. in the coming months and hopefully it will be release by the end of the year,” she revealed.

Prior to the interview, KZ performed her single “Nag-Iisa Na Naman.”

“It is such a privilege to have you here and have you perform, to see your expression… it’s crazy,” Salma said after her performance.

KZ explained the meaning of the song.

“It’s about being in the phase of your relationship where in the beginning, you already known it was going to end badly, you saw signs but then you chose to ignore the signs so now you’re suffering the consequences,” she said.

Going on to thank KZ for appearing the show, the hosts asked what her hobbies are during her free time.

“I watched Netflix. Actually, I’m re-watching ‘Big Bang Theory,’ I really love that show!”

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