Actor-turned-politician Hero Bautista is set to lead numerous projects under their family’s Heaven’s Best Entertainment Productions headed by her sister, former actress Harlene Bautista.

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Hero Bautista

In an interview, he revealed the film and series being worked out for him.

First is the movie “Fusion” which co-stars Brazilian actress-model-host Daiana Menezes and Japanese actress-model Maria Ozawa. Hero will also direct the movie and produce it with two other film outfits.

In it, Hero plays the “billionaire boyfriend” of Daiana’s character.

“She (Daiana) wanted to have a Brazilian restaurant so I bought one for her. But suddenly, a Japanese restaurant (owned by Maria) was put up beside her resto so they start feud, eventually even over me, ” he shared.

Shooting started last March and among their locations are at Lago de Oro in Calatagan Batangas, and in some parts of Quezon City, Metro Manila.

According to Hero, “Fusion” will be released on media-services provider, Netflix, sometime between September.

They also plan to submit it to Cannes Film Festival.

After that, Hero will film the series “Mang Kanor,” whose title character has a video scandal with a young girl that spread like wildfire online a few years.

“But our theme will be different. Mang Kanor is not a chick boy but a chick magnet or guy who draws girls to him,” he explained.

Hero added the movie is like the 1999 American sex comedy film “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.”

Lastly, the actor will lead the project titled “Chicklog” which means “chick na analog.”

The story focuses on an old-fashioned teen girl greatly influenced by his father who grew up in the ’80s, played by Hero.

“So the 1980s vibe is very much alive, from the clothes I wear to the gadgets I use, ” Hero related.

“Later, my child would go to Manila to study for college. When she goes to school, she uses ’80s electronic devices but then her schoolmates are amazed wby the technology.”

A mother’s love
Bulletin Entertainment spoke with Hero prior to Mother’s Day and we asked how he and his siblings, Harlene and Herbert, make the day special in honor of their mom, late Rosario MacLang.

Hero shared they just visit their mother’s tomb and bond over dinner with the family.

Asked what he misses most about her mom, he said it is her “sermon.”

“I miss her advice, reminders, sweetness, our funny moments as family,” he said.” I miss how she takes care of us, particularly by cooking for the family. I actually learned so many things about cooking because of her,” he said.

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