A  man who was reportedly seen carrying a gun while walking on the street was arrested by policemen in Barangay South Cembo, Makati on Saturday night.

imageedit 1 7890882531 - Gun-carrying man arrested in Makati City after causing panic in barangay
(Photo from Makati Police)

Major Tyrone Valenzona, Makati Police Assistant Chief of Police for Operations (ACOPO), identified the suspect as Julius “Yotyot” Gallegos.
The suspect was said to have been involved in a series of robberies in the said village, Valenzona said.
In a follow-up operation by Makati Police, they went to Del Pilar St. in Barangay South Cembo, Makati where he was seen carrying a gun by his neighbors around 10 p.m.
Police said they received a report from the barangay that the Gallegos was seen carrying a gun by residents along a street, causing panic in the barangay.
“My men saw him carrying a gun. They said that he was not even wearing a face mask,” Valenzona said in Filipino.
Upon seeing the cops, Gallegos reportedly drew his gun and fired shots, causing the policemen to retaliate.
“A short chase ensued but our policemen hit him in the foot so it was hard for him to flee, they later cornered him near a creek,” he said.
Seized from the suspect was a caliber .38 revolver loaded with ammunition.
Gallegos is now under the custody of Makati Police.

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