In an interview with Tonight With Boy Abunda, Frankie Pangilinan, talked about body positivity.

Frankie - Frankie Pangilinan speaks out about body positivity

Photo from Frankie Pangilinan’s Instagram

“It’s my body. My tiger stripes are all there. If girls can’t feel comfortable in their body, if girls aren’t allowed to do what they want in their body, then what kind of world am I growing up in?” she said of her photo that she posted on Instagram from her Boracay trip.

Netizens were quick to “stan” her, lauding her for being smart and articulate. “Stan” is a millennial term referring to a stalker, who is also a fan.

“She talks eloquently and everything makes sense whenever she spills it out.” one said.

The Megastar’s daughter joked that they should not “stan” her because she doesn’t sleep, and she was very weird.

However, she also encouraged netizens to discuss about the important things.

“Avoid plastic bottles and straw; recycle if you can’t,” Frankie advised.

The 18-year old also urged to buy from local farms, top vaccinate the kids, register to vote, donate to World Wide Fund Philippines, and support local brands because colonial mentality was “bad enough”.

“Don’t buy skin whitening products. Don’t body shame. Stay hydrated. Be kind.” she added.

In the same interview, Pangilinan also explained why she was not a fan on K-Pop.

“All artists should be properly compensated and shouldn’t be overworked. They should be paid for all their worked and the image of their bodies should not be as enforced.”

She clarified that she had nothing against the artists, themselves, but noted that she wanted them to be who they sans the enforced extreme standards set on them by the industry.

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