Crowned Miss Manila in 2014, Dr. KC Halili has joined the battle against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In a report from GMA News, Halili is a medical doctor of healthcare holdings company DNA Holdings.

“I’m still exposed to a lot of people, a lot of carriers. I’ve tested people who turned out to be exposed or positive. I’m just doing the best that I can to protect myself and limit all the meetings,” Halili said in the report.

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The best way to AGE gracefully is to KEEP OUTGROWING YOURSELF. (And some niptuck here and there) *** Not the smartest, kindest, prettiest, let alone perfect (tho I come pretty close 1f61b - Former beauty queen joins battle against COVID-19). I’m just ambitious. I take risks and unconventional paths. I test, destroy and rebuild my idea of self (involuntarily). I make things happen for myself. I take losses. So even if I get repeatedly burnt by circumstances, people and my own choices, I can keep rising from the ashes. Because ambition drives action. The beauty of being nontraditional and having freedom is, you can be anything and everything. And there’s so much more I want to get done. I’m just getting started. #ThirstyThirty

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The former beauty queen has shared that her goal was always to become a doctor.

According to Halili, before she decided to enter pageantry, she was still in med school.

“The plan had always been to be a doctor. The pageantry was just an off tangent stint bacause when I was in med school, I craved for contributing to my community in a much bigger aspect,” she said.

Halili said although she doesn’t directly have contact with patients, she takes pride in shaping the health system.

“Even if I’m not directly in contact with patients, I’m actually helping shape the health system and that’s actually directing the health management that needs to be coordinated for us to solve this crisis, so we can flatten the curve and go back to our normal lives as fast as we can,” she said.

“I always want to be at the frontlines, even now that technically I’m at the back end of this fight trying to navigate this system,” she added.

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