A Filipina trading executive who is based in New York, USA won one of the major titles in the Mrs. Grandma Universe beauty pageant held in Sofia, Bulgaria early Wednesday morning Jan. 22.

Edna Arquero 2 - Filipino grandma wins title in Bulgaria beauty pageant

Edna E. Arquero

Edna Engcong Arquero, 60, was crowned Mrs. Grandma Galaxy 2020, one of the major titles of the international competition. She also received the Best In Evening Gown special award.

Arquero thanked her family and friends who supported her in her journey to Mrs. Grandma Universe 2020 pageant.

“When national director Tatta Saguin chose me to represent Mrs. Grandma Universe, I immediately informed my loved ones and they gave me the go-signal to do it,” said Arquero. She has two children and three grandchildren.

Arquero was born in Tondo, Manila but grew up in Mindanao where she finished business administration in college. Her father was also a military officer.

Mrs. Arquero said she has been active in doing charity works such as helping the “Silongan” street children of Iligan City, support the causes of Cagayan de Oro-Misor Association, as donor of St. Jude Hospital, and joined activities against autism.

She promised to support other charitable organizations, especially that of Mrs. Grandma Universe under Megi Savova.

Asked what makes Filipino beauty queens standout, Arquero said: “Filipinas are smart and talented that’s why they shine in pageants. They personify hard work and excellence in everything they do.”

Arquero said that the Mrs Grandma Universe pageant is an important journey to her because she wants to prove that age is not a hindrance to success.

“Through this pageant, I would be able to show to the universe that age is not a barrier in reaching your goals and in helping others. It’s love, kindness and beauty that I really care about,” she said.

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