Chen, 27, a member of K-pop boy band EXO, will be getting married, he and his agency announced on Jan. 13.

Chen1 - EXO’s Chen says he’s getting married

Chen (Twitter)

“Chen (EXO) met the love of his life and decided to get married. Chen’s future wife is not a celebrity. According to the wishes of the two families, the wedding will be held privately with the participation of friends and relatives,” announced SM Entertainment, according to Osen.

SM Entertainment added that “in the future, Chen will continue to do his best in music to repay the great affection of his fans for him.I hope everyone will send Chen best wishes.”

Chen, who will be the first member of EXO to get married, wrote a handwritten letter in which he announced his marriage and hinted that her girlfriend is pregnant.

“I have a girlfriend, who I want to share the rest of my life with. While I was discussing with other EXO members and company officials about delivering the news (on my girlfriend,) a blessing came to us,” he wrote.

He added, “I didn’t’ want to take more time, so decided to take the courage. I am thankful to my members for their good wishes, and I want to thank my fans for their love. I will keep striving to reciprocate the love,” reported the Korea Times.

The announcement of the marriage put Chen on top of trending topics on Twitter. The words “Jongdae” (his real name) and “Chen” copped the first two places worldwide.

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