Actors Enzo Pineda and Jasmine Curtis-Smith have children’s welfare in mind amid pandemic.

While each of them got enough support from family growing up, they know some children are not as lucky. Many lack access to food and education, made more pronounced by the health crisis.

“Habang lumalaki kasi ako, nasuportahan ng parents ko ‘yung needs ko,” Jasmine said in an interview. “I was privileged enough to have access sa mga bagay na dapat na-e-experience din ng ibang mga bata. But unfortunately, there aren’t enough opportunities for everyone and that saddens me.”

Fortunately, they are now in a position to help. One way is by participating in World Vision Philippines’ first-ever virtual run for children. The event aims promote fitness and health during the community quarantine in the country, while raising funds for the benefit of World Vision’s most vulnerable children and communities.

“World Vision is excited for its first-ever virtual run for children. It is our prayer that friends and families will be refreshed as they continue supporting the most vulnerable children. In these trying times, we hope that this will also provide them with an enjoyable, safe and healthy way to somehow reconnect in a virtual manner,” said World Vision National Director Rommel Fuerte.

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Enzo Pineda

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Enzo is throwing heart and soul into the project.

“I’m supporting The World Vision Virtual Run because fitness/health, education, and children are advocacies close to my heart. These are essential areas that we consistently need to focus on for a better future. Our children are the future and we need to empower them now more than ever,” he said.

When interested participants sign up, they will be made to select the advocacy they wish to support (Education or Health and Nutrition) and their preferred mileage (21K, 50K, 100K, 200K).

They can run anytime and anywhere until July 31. The participants can walk or run whether indoors or outdoors and use running or steps app to monitor the distance, also making sure that they follow the community quarantine regulations in their area.

Upon reaching their goal, they get a limited-edition World Vision Virtual Run for Children Finisher Shirt and a Finisher Medal.

To make the virtual run even more interesting, World Vision is challenging participants to step up their game by inviting family and friends to donate to their chosen advocacy.

For this challenge, the runners will sign up on “Joy to Give” by visiting, choose a target number of back-to-school kits if they are from Team Education or family sanitation kits if they are from Team Health & Nutrition, and fundraise with their friends and family as they complete their run! Participants of “World Vision’s Virtual Run for Children” will be the first to have access to “Joy to Give,” World Vision’s own crowd funding platform launching this June.

To register, visit

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