A simple birthday greeting for his grandfather Tony Ferrer wasn’t enough for Donny Pangilinan.

On Instagram, the young actor penned a heartwarming message as tribute to his lolo’s 85th birthday last June 12.

DONNY - Donny Pangilinan pays tribute to Lolo Tony Ferrer

DONNY PANGILINAN with Lolo Tony Ferrer (Instagram)

Donny went on to share how he and the family were able to convince the award-winning actor, director and producer, to celebrate at the mall despite Tony being a homebody.

“This super groovy lolo of mine never (as in never) leaves his house. Last time I remember seeing him out was maybe more than 5 years ago because of his vertigo. But he allowed me to take him out for his 85th birthday with my mom and other relatives. We walked through the mall, had a lot of good food, and just talked about life,” he wrote.

Donny became sentimental when Tony said “thank you” to him.

“At the end of the day when no one was looking he got my hand and said ‘Thank you Donny ha, hindi ko ito makakalimutan’ then we hugged,” he narrated.

To end his post, Donny encouraged his fans and supporters to also appreciate their grandparents, saying “You’ll never know when you’ll get a chance again.”

“To anyone reading this, if you are privileged to still have your lolo or lola around, please visit them and spend time with them,” he said.

“…Super worth it! Happy birthday again Lolo Tony, love you!”

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