American actress and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine (B99)” star Chelsea Peretti debunked claims that she said President Duterte is “one of the best politicians” that she has met.

Screen Shot 2020 09 26 at 7.54.35 AM - Chelsea Peretti denies alleged Duterte quote

On Twitter, Peretti said the viral graphic quoting her character in “B99,” Gina Linetti, as “obviously not true.”

The fake graphic also labeled Peretti’s character name as an Italian solon.

VERA Files, a fact-checking organization, have earlier tagged the graphic as a hoax.

“Linetti is not a member of the Senate of the Italian Republic. She is a civilian administrator in the hit American police comedy show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ played by American actress and comedian Chelsea Peretti,” VERA Files reported.

According to VERA Files, the fake photo was first uploaded on Sept. 11. It has been then republished in different Facebook groups.

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