Netizens were intrigued with a re-run episode of the GMA-7 show “Art Angel” which had news anchor Atom Araullo.

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The said episode was aired last Wednesday, May 21, over GMA-7, and this weekend many netizens took to social media to react to it.

Many expressed joy that Araullo was part of a show, as a guest, that they grew up with.

On May 15, one of the hosts of the show, popularly known as Tonypet Gaba announced the return of the show.

He revealed that the show will start airing again this week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 a.m.

The show is basically an art class on-air as the hosts teach the audience how to do the featured art projects.

A generation of viewers witnessed the growth of the show from its first episode in 2004 to its last airing in 2011.

Just like a few years back when the show simultaneously entertained and educated its audiences, with the reception it got from netizens, it seems the show is well on its way to a big comeback.

The re-run episode with Araullo in it was part of top trends on local Twitter this week.

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