Whether you’re just new to K-drama land or already a fan seeking for more streamable shows, you now have the time to satisfy that craving.

From Korean rom-coms and thrillers, to historical fiction and more, PLDT Home brings unlimited VIP access for one month on iflix. Here are three of the most popular recommendations:

“Confidential Assignment”

Confidential Assignment - 3 K-Drama recommendations for Holy Week and beyond

Confidential Assignment

This action film stars Hyun Bin as a North Korean officer who must work with South Korea to track down a criminal. It’s got the perfect blend of action and comedy—plus Hyun Bin, of course.

“The Last Princess”

The Last Princess - 3 K-Drama recommendations for Holy Week and beyond

The Last Princess

In this epic 2016 South Korean movie, Son Ye-Jin plays the real-life Princess Deokhye, the last princess of the former Korean Empire’s old Joseon dynasty. The movie follows the princess’s life from her teenage years, when she was forced to move to Japan, to her attempts to return to her homeland in her later years. Historical drama fans will love this masterful and moving performance from Son.

“Rich Man”

Rich Man - 3 K-Drama recommendations for Holy Week and beyond

Rich Man

Kim Jun-myeon plays a genius CEO and game programmer who hires a college student with excellent memory, played by Ha Yeon-soo, because he is unable to remember people’s faces—especially that of the woman he loves.

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