Days Gone: Review

Get your freak on. There’s a lot of things going on around here. I’ve just been ambushed twice. My bike’s broken, I’m out of scrap, and I’m trying to sneak around an overrun tourist trap. I make the mistake of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a freaker nest, and now two dozen angry freakers are […]

Out of Site, Out of Mind

“The future is built on convenience.” Inventions are created to make life easier. We’ve gone from snail-mail to instant messaging, steam engines to bullet trains, typewriters to computers. Nowadays, you can do what you want with a click of a button, and that shift isn’t lost on shopping. Storefront shops are now a thing of […]

Smart to boost LTE network coverage in Boracay in time for Love Boracay 2019

Tourists and residents of the newly rehabilitated Boracay island can experience improved connectivity as PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) boosts and expands its network to support sustainable tourism on the island. Smart is also staging the week-long Smart Love Boracay festival, which aims to showcase improvements on the island after its closure for […]

Marvelous Finale

It is normally challenging to review a movie without revealing too much about the events in the film. With a movie like “Avengers: Endgame,” things get more difficult because the emotional impact of the film hinges so much on surprise. Speculation has run rampant ever since last year’s “Infinity War,” with theories of all sorts and sizes overloading social media.

Peking Duck Levels Up With Whisky

By  ANGELO GARCIA   High-end Chinese restaurants really go all out when it comes to signature dishes—from cheesy lobsters to pricey abalones. These restaurants need to do this to stand out from among the sea of Chinese eateries that are practically offering the same meals. Some work, while others fail to deliver. So this restaurant […]