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What attracts us to a sports car? Is it the sight of light bending around its contours? The feeling one gets from steering into a sharp turn? The distinctive scent of burnt rubber? Or the adrenaline rush from a high-performance drive? For most people, it’s all of these. We are pulled to the way sports cars ignite our senses. To pleasure the senses—this is exactly what Toyota had in mind when they developed the next generation of the legendary Supra—a model that needs no introduction, especially to motoring guys and enthusiasts.

President of Toyota Motor P - A SUPRA-ISE COMEBACK

President of Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Satoru Suzuki

Since its debut in 1978, this grand tourer has been a symbol of genuine performance in the automotive scene. Time passed by, and it only gained more engine power and had gotten better and better with every production. The model, however, was discontinued in 2002, which left its cult following hanging and wanting more.


TOYOTA SUPRA From left: TMP Vice President for Marketing Elijah Marcial, Corporate Affairs Toyota Motor Philippines first vice president Atty. Rommel Gutierrez, Marketing Division (TMP) senior vice president Jose Maria Atienza, Marketing (TMP) executive vice president Kei Mizuguchi, Toyota Motor Philippines president Satoru Suzuki, Vehicle Sales Operations (TMP) first vice president Sherwin Chua-Lim, and Product Planning (TMP) supervisor JovieRoqueza, during the press conference of Toyota supra launch held in Makati City

Now, after a 17-year absence, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently unveiled the All-New Toyota GR Supra, also known as the A90 or Mk. V. This remarkable piece of automotive perfection is the apotheosis of 41 years of technology, brilliance, and power. The new flagship sports car of TMP is not only a culmination of racing expertise, but a stylish luxury car designed to be the best driver’s car.


Franklin Lim, Nathaniel Fandino, Cosco Oben, Lincoln Lim, and Alfred Ty

Best described as the modern evolution of a rich Japanese lineage, the GR Supra inherits key styling characteristics from the Toyota 2000 GT (1967) and Supra A80 (1993). At first glance, the expressive curves in the sheet metal and the double-bubble roof are starkly perceivable

David Go Alfred Ty Betty  - A SUPRA-ISE COMEBACK

David Go, Alfred Ty, Betty Lu, Jose Tan Jr, Rene So, William Li, and Richard Tan

Note that these two elements exceed mere aesthetic, as they also contribute to the racing potential of the car by lessening drag and lift. Set as wide and low as possible, the model boasts an athletic stance that gives it a very dynamic look referred to by Toyota engineers as the “Condensed Extreme.” Its salient grille is circumscribed by large air intakes on both sides, whose character lines integrate seamlessly down the flared spoilers and trapezoidal bumper with dual exhaust pipes plus a diffuser. Masterfully engineered and functional by design,  the GR Supra wows, and has indeed set the bar high for all sports cars.

During the official launch of the sports car, Satoru Suzuki, president of TMP Corporation, shared in his opening remarks, “The Supra is still engraved in popular culture. It holds a special place in our hearts. With the help of Toyota Gazoo Racing and president Akio Toyoda, our fifth generation model is developed, and the result is a modern evolution of a timeless classic.” Alfred Ty, chairman of TMP Corporation, conducted a toast and said, “We are all here not to celebrate the birth of the legendary Toyota Supra. This occasion is a coming together to celebrate Toyota’s love for making cars that are fun to drive, that are safe and dependable to ride, and a car ownership experience that makes you want to come back for more.” Elijah Sue Marcial, TMP vice president for marketing, explained why they chose to release the new model now. “It’s a testament from Toyota that the Philippine lifestyle industry, the market is ready for the Supra,” she said. “This is the right time for us to introduce such an iconic sports car.”

The GR Supra is the first global model of Gazoo Racing, the performance development arm of the Japanese car manufacturer. Likewise, it is the first-ever Supra to be retailed in the Philippines, with only a limited number of units going to be available in 16 out of 70 dealerships in the country. Another aspect that makes the sports car premium is the fact that all units that have been and will be manufactured comes from the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria.

The GR Supra highlights the sensation of driving, along with vehicle response that awakens the “driver’s spirit.”

In the simplest possible explanation, it is a driver-oriented car that focuses on feeling rather than numbers or specs.

The branches offering the new TMP flagship sports car are Toyota Alabang, Commonwealth, Makati, Manila Bay, Otis, Pasong Tamo, Quezon Avenue, Bacoor, Batangas, Calamba, La Union, San Fernando, San Pablo, Cebu, Mabolo, and Davao City.

Contact any of the abovementioned GR Performance dealerships to place your orders and know more about the automotive icon that took a half-century in the making.

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