After a Senate committee’s endorsement of a bill declaring Marcos Day in Ilocos Norte, 36 youth groups and student organizations on Tuesday expressed their disapproval of the measure.

senate2 1024x683 - Youth groups urge Senate not to approve Marcos Day bill

House Bill 7137, as transmitted to the Senate seeking to declare September 11 as “President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day” in Ilocos Norte, got the green light from the Senate committee on local government.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian moved to endorse a counterpart measure to a technical working group.

The youth groups wrote an open letter for the Senate about its opposition against the Marcos Day bill, saying they do not want to commemorate a dictator.

“We, the sovereign Filipino youth, stand united in urging the Senate of the Philippines to vote No to the Marcos Holiday Bill,” read the statement.

They asserted the birth anniversary of Marcos should not be celebrated. “Honoring a dictator through legislation is a blatant act of historical distortion.“

The groups recalled the horrors of Marcos’ dictatorship, which was marred by thousands of killings, disappearance, human rights abuses, and widespread corruption.

The letter was signed by YouthResist, Akbayan Youth, Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, PANTAY, Of the People, Ako Bakwit, and University of the Philippines Ecological Society.

Other signatories include De La Salle University The Political Science Society, Benilde Hive, iUplift, KAISA UP, and PLM Supreme Student Council, UP ALYANSA, and Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, among others.

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